Kenny Dobson Harvester Chain Sharpening Services.

After 25 or so years working with harvester heads, Kenny decided to retire after the 2016 APF show.

As most people predicted this didn't last long!

Jari Laaperi from AFM Forest, Finland, had long been singing the praises of ANAB the Swedish harvester chain sharpeners, it being the market leader in Finland. 

Harvester chains in Finland aren't sharpened by the operators, but are sent away to be sharpened professionally on a machine such as the ANAB NVHV.

Response from potential customers has been positive and much appreciated. A new business opportunity identified and unit ordered.

Start up, delivery and training took place in the first week of November 2016.

Due to increased demand for our services, a second machine was installed in September 2017.

Help has been available from Kenny's son Alan, who after having been on a chainsaw for the past couple of years, injured his shoulder in a mountain biking accident so couldn't work in the woods.

Alan is an engineer/welder to trade so has been kept busy, and will be available to help in the new venture.

Admin/Accounts, collection and despatch of chains will be down to Nikki (Kenny's daughter) making it a real family concern.